Monday, January 13, 2014


This is our first post on our new blog called World Traveler Recipes.  We decided to call our blog by this name because we love to travel and try different types of cuisines.  In the past 9 years we traveled to many different places and learned about many new cultures.  This influenced the way we cook at home and when we have time, we try to do some research, find some interesting recipes and then try to make them. 

We decided that it was a good idea to start writing a blog where we can keep track of all of the new interesting types of cuisines we tried and to also have a place where we can write down our new recipes and post some of our photos. 

We hope that you are going to enjoy reading our blog and that you will keep coming back to find out about new recipes that we came across! :)

First, I would like to say that the way we cook at home is very influenced by our home country Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Our parents and other family mostly cook this kind of food at home, but as some of it is very difficult to make and time consuming, we usually don't end up making it from scratch like it is traditionally done back home. 

One of our favorite dishes from Bosnia and Herzegovina is called Pita.  I have never tried to make it from scratch before, but in the near future I plan on making this and I promise to post the progress on the blog.  For now, I am just going to tell you a little bit about it.  Pita is made using a home-made phyllo dough (or can be made with a store-bought kind).  It is filled with different ingredients and baked until golden and crispy.  Depending on the ingredients that it is filled with, pita has many different names/types such as: meat filled pita (burek), cheese filled pita (sirnica), spinach filled pita (zeljanica), potato filled pita (krompirusa), etc.  Below are photos of two of my favorite pitas: burek and sirnica.


If you have never tried Pita, I would definitely recommend it!  Until the next blog post! :)

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